Sunday, July 4, 2010

Truth Hurts (For Some)

Truth hurts for some people. The truth is that the theology of Armstrong was filled with error, and the organization he founded was subsequently filled with that error. Groups clinging to those doctrines are also filled with error.

Elementary? Not quite. Because there are many sentiments buried with the kind of commitment people have made to the organization. They HOPE that at least that commitment will be blessed with eternal life - regardless of what the Scriptures say.

I won't interpret the Scriptures for anyone, but will say this: when people ask me what the purpose of this blog is, it IS indeed to help those who want to exit the fallacies of Armstrongism, and to help them into seeing that there IS a world outside the cult.

That is sometimes misunderstood, and misinterpreted - as you can see from a couple of articles where the comments show that the words hurt. These words hurt because they are true, and truth can't be overlooked. When Armstrong lived in splendor while the members had to turn every cent to make ends meet, there IS something wrong. When John Trechak worked his butt off documenting all the many errors as he did in Ambassador Report, those truths DID survive him. They survived him because they were true, and because others ARE willing to share that information with the rest of the world FREE of charge. Not semi-free or almost free, but TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE. Noone requesting ANY money whatsoever.

That is also the primary reason why you won't find any donation button on this blog. I don't want any donations to help cover the expenses involved in writing this blog. I prefer to GIVE the information I learned in recognition of how the information I got helped me, and I want to pass on as much as I can while still prioritizing family matters, work, friends etc. Sometimes you will read many articles, and at other times there may be less to say (or write).

The secondary reason is that I don't want the insinuation of "ulterior motives" because that is usually the best defense cults can make. "Look at this man. He's just in it for the money" or "he is assuming some calling" as we have heard all the different splinter leaders say - including Meredith, Flurry and Pack...

The worst testimony to the kind of disloyalty we saw in recent times was the tirade of Roderick C Meredith against Raymond F McNair when he left the Living Church of God. These two men had been friends for a lifetime, and how Burk and Jonathan McNair could ever accept that type of speaking against a family member just shows how deep the commitment of people wallowing in the mire of Armstrongism is.

Those are harsh words, indeed. But they are nonetheless true. I feel it is a disgrace to calling oneself a "man of God" to behave in that manner. "You shall know them by their fruits" is a famous saying among christians - and sometimes it seems people can't distinguish between pears and apples, or lemons and bananas when they are so screwed up as to speak in such a manner about a long-time friend.

I wish you all a happy week. Keep helping one another, and behave well. People will know YOU by the way YOU act towards brothers and sisters everywhere. No matter whosoever ever tells you to behave any differently, I would hope you would remember the principle of loyalty towards all - even foreigners because they could be future friends you just haven't met yet.

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