Sunday, July 18, 2010

Armstrongism - The Ultimate Guide -- Why You Need This Blog

There is a vacuum when it comes to information about Armstrongism. As you can see from the list of links in the menu there are only very few sources for information on Armstrongism.

From a branding perspective, the restructuring of doctrines has succeeded in the sense that many cultwatchers have fallen asleep. This goes for Walter Martin (who deleted the previous part on the Worldwide Church of God/Grace Communion International, and totally overlooks the survival of the ideology in the many splinters), but also Rick Ross and many other so-called cult-experts.

So the question, among some, is: "Is Armstrongism really that dangerous?"

The answer is YES, indeed.

If you check out the latest Philadelphia Trumpet published by Gerald Flurry and his PCG, you will find many quotes of old HWA articles pointing out that the financial 9/11 was predicted over twenty years ago.

For the unlearned and unschooled, that is a very easy claim. When you point out that good financial stewardship is important, and that increased debts creates a credit rating problem, that is the EASY PART.

On the other hand, when you look at statement of accounts from several of the COG-organizations you will find that they INVEST in stocks. They wouldn't do that if it was a bad strategy, would they? That could cost them lots of tithe money that would then not be available for spending in their "doing the work".... :-)

If pointing out such basic information is proof of being a prophet, then anyone can become a prophet - and might be so in their own minds. But it doesn't bring any spiritual validation of their roles.

The danger of Armstrongism lies in OVER-SIMPLIFYING things to the extent that you can both claim you are talking in general terms, but when things then come to pass they can also say: "Look at what WE predicted!"

That is at the root core of the problem of cults. Mind-control is much easier once people have relaxed their attentiveness [read: parked the brains at the entrance ;-)]...

So you do need the information from "Armstrongism - The Ultimate Guide", and I do hope you will send a link to friends who might benefit from this blog. We need many more readers for the leadership in these organization to take notice. We need linkbuilding, and we need a buzz to be created on Twitter, Facebook, Hubpages and many other places to get people to notice this problem.

If we don't make an effort to share what is going on, more people will be victims of this dangerous ideology, that so boldly claims "freedom of religion" to continue their quest for more money and influence in the lives of people who know no better because noone told them.

That would be a shame, I should think.


  1. Henrick,

    Thanks for all of your well thought out and informative post. I personally do not engage in back and forth banter because commutation is not something I do well ?
    However, as a sever dyslexic, I have a profound appreciation of brevity and concise written material.
    Your efforts are much appreciated by me and hopefully many others, even though you will not receive many commutations from me. Again thanks and continue with your information it is not going into a vacuum.


  2. Thanks, Wess, for your kind comment. Very much appreciated - and you are welcome to comment anytime you wish to do so. :-)