Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spanky Rekindles the Pale vs. Cross Debate

According to the article "Why the COGs Deny Jesus Died on a Cross" with a link to the article from the Living Church of God site, Spanky and his ministry is rekindling the debate of whether this Jesus was postified - palified or crucified...

Douglas Winnail has written the July 8th update you can read right here:

These copycats should really read my article "How to Start Your Own Religion" because it seems anything is useful in their quest for members.

The more unpopular an idea is, the more it seems to attract the ministers of Armstrongism.

There is nothing noble in turning people off, but apparently the "counting the cost" principle in Luke 14:33 has all the implied ideas of denying medicine, questioning crucifixion/postification/palification, and many other tenets we know were taken from the Jehovahs Witnesses...

Armstrongism continues...

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