Sunday, December 14, 2014

Child Abuse In Armstrongism Continues!

As regular readers will remember, I offered a review of Benjamin Grant Mitchell's book The Last Great Day where vivid child abuse was described in shocking detail.

Now, the Philadelphia Church of God continues the advocacy of corporal punishment - three pages devoted to the subject in the January 2015 issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet. Dennis Leap nowhere refers to the book, or to the actual point that parents who can't keep their calm while disciplining are unfaithful to their so-called calling.

It is so sickening to read about this double-standard that keeps growing in the churches of Armstrongism. All the talking about love and teaching is pointless when the subject of authority is so clearly evident for anyone who knows what is actually being written.

We are nearing the 28th 'anniversary' of the death of the founder, Herbert W Armstrong, and NOTHING has been learned! Even WHEN obvious abuse takes place, everyone is silent. It is mind control above what is otherwise known and evident...

Truly sad that so few speak out on this subject - and even more sad that so many stay in a cult that is based on a lie, the lie that everyone 'outside' is evil, and a belief that the 'few' are chosen...