Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting Rid of Armstrongism Mind-Control

Getting rid of Armstrongism mind-control is a long, and for many slow process. The indoctrination of age-old notes is something you need to get rid of, and teaching an old dog new tricks is difficult. Herbie was right about one thing: it's difficult to unlearn what you have already learned - and this was used very effectively in the repetition for emphasis concept that went through the entire organization, and still does in numerous offshoots today.

Getting rid of Armstrongism is instrumental in allowing you to see what is ACTUALLY written in the Bible. You will find that when you read entire chapters in the proper context that many of the scriptures used to say one thing while within Armstrongism, but a whole new thing once you read what God originally intended to be written.

Have you got rid of old traces of Armstrongism mind-control? Please share your thoughts for others to learn also. Thanks beforehand

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  1. The concept of British Israelism has been stamped out for me, but it took awhile.

    I think it was around 2004 when Gavin Rumney mentioned it was ridiculous and I went scurrying off to prove it out. Sure enough, I found the evidence.

    All anyone needs to do is to do a little research on British Israelism to find it is a fraud. It is also the very center of all Armstrongist teaching. In fact, since the 1950s, Herbert Armstrong demanded that people accept British Israelism before they could be baptized.

    The other subversive doctrine center to Armstrongism is that of church history. AGAIN, the Waldensians did NOT keep the Sabbath. There was no unbroken line to give credance to the validity of Armstrongism. When that falls, it undermines everything in Armstrongism. Herbert Armstrong stole what little truth he may have had (less than 1%) from the Church of God Seventh Day. Oh great, only 99% poison. It can't get better than that.

    Disprove British Israelism AND the phoney church history and there is nothing left of Armstrongism. Add to that the fact that Scripture no where in the Bible signifies tithing on wages is valid and the whole thing falls apart. Not much funding is available for expensive gold, silver and crystal from tithes on produce these days.

    It's amazing though, what people think heresy is today. Come with the Bible, show the Scriptures, teach the truth and you'll be labelled as an heretic.

    You can see what the project team has come up with over at

    But you are right, even when you go to leave behind the abject heresy, it takes a long time to get the "noise" out of the brain.