Monday, August 8, 2011

Mind-Control From Leadership

Mind-control from leadership in offshoots of the WCG apparently goes far beyond the time when you are a member in such a cult. When you look at the article "Who's Behind the Burkas?", you will find indications about virtual fatwas going out from ministers in an attempt to silence criticism.

Pure presumption about what God would do to critics.

It never occurs to such minion ministers that they may be doing the work of Satan - in confusing people - and that it is actually in everyone's best interest to expose this type of work.

Without ever presuming a Godsent in this - I would like to add.

Nothing sickens me as much as people needing alibis for what they do. Stand up for your opinions, and don't start calling it a "mission" of anything!

It is an after-effect of the mind-control in cults that people NEED some kind of acceptance before they have the guts to expose the bad things they experienced - and that should be shared among ALL offshoot information agents.

The reason for being online should be to share information that can help others come out of CONFUSION. Not just to bring them into another confused mindset.

So if those who expose this type of information want to be succesful it's time to work fully together, sharing links with one another so that ANYONE interested in coming out of Armstrongism has a chance to get the information they need.

As a consequence of this, the month of August is a month where I will be adding links to sites that are ACTIVE, and BENEFICIAL in sharing with one another. Let blooming plants get more fertilizer, and let those who don't focus on these people caught up in any of the cults of Armstrongism wither.

We NEED to cooperate to be more effective.

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  1. Henrik, I plan to link to this site soon from which has now been posted (but still needs more work). I doubt that there is anything like it.

    Feel free to cross link.