Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Harold Camping Now Says October 21st 2011

Harold Camping remains vigilant with new explanations, and now says October 21st 2011 IS the final date. When May 21st came and went, he now invented a new explanation:

One will have to wonder what this guy is going to say on October 22nd 2011.

Will be fun to see. This guy hopes to have nine lives, apparently, and makes quite a mockery of religion with his date-setting.


  1. Henry,

    It should be fun to watch those who support Camping recommit themselves to him after another failure to appear by Jesus.

    After all, its a spectators sport on human psychology!

  2. October came, october passed - one thing remains: Harold Camping was WRONG again...
    I have often thought that God has a good way of showing false prophets for all with eyes to see, and Scripture in their knowledge base: as long as people predict nothing happens. That lesson could quite literally continue forever... :-)