Friday, December 21, 2012

Six-Pack Gerry Looking Into His Crystal Ball

Six-Pack Gerry is looking into his crystal ball in the january 2013 issue of his Trumpet magazine. The wonders of recent elections are now equated to a wonderful scenario for his end-time ramblings. Worst - near the end of the article, and probably also at the end of a bottle of scotch - is his 'analysis' on whether Republicans would have paid off the entire national debt by the end of a four year term if Obama hadn't been re-elected...

For simplistic missioners such as Gerald Flurry, the whole problem is one of repeating the few things he remembers through his fogged memory. The idea of national debt problems is one so old even Gerry should be able to remember it. What he never listened to was the numerous explanations about what makes up a national debt.

Therefore, he didn't understand in the 70's, he didn't in the 80's - and how can anyone expect him to understand if anyone took both the time and effort to do so today?

He loves to see his 'prophetic' words in print, so why should anyone disturb him, you might think... Well, because these ramblings go out to 300K+ people so filled up in the confusion of Armstrongism, and they have NEVER had a chance to analyze economics from anything but a 100$ bill being parted up according to the financial planning booklets.

It is no wonder Ambassador College in Pasadena could never be accredited in their old format. Simplicity was the order of the day, and that was taken to an obvious extreme. So extreme that the word investment was never part of the agenda. Fleece the money from membership was the rule of the day, so Herbie didn't have to borrow anything...

It is widely recognized that the US does have a debt problem. But bankruptcy? No way! Even Meredith made a laugh of himself when he bought into the Bankruptcy 1992 book. Now, twenty years later the US is still not bankrupt.

America WILL survive. And so will other nations in a free market economy that is based on checks and balances. Even though the most recent crisis WAS a tough one to come through, world economy IS picking up, and there will be elections in 2016, 2020, 2024 etc.

Happy New Year everyone. :-)