Sunday, July 18, 2010

Armstrongism - The Ultimate Guide -- Why You Need This Blog

There is a vacuum when it comes to information about Armstrongism. As you can see from the list of links in the menu there are only very few sources for information on Armstrongism.

From a branding perspective, the restructuring of doctrines has succeeded in the sense that many cultwatchers have fallen asleep. This goes for Walter Martin (who deleted the previous part on the Worldwide Church of God/Grace Communion International, and totally overlooks the survival of the ideology in the many splinters), but also Rick Ross and many other so-called cult-experts.

So the question, among some, is: "Is Armstrongism really that dangerous?"

The answer is YES, indeed.

If you check out the latest Philadelphia Trumpet published by Gerald Flurry and his PCG, you will find many quotes of old HWA articles pointing out that the financial 9/11 was predicted over twenty years ago.

For the unlearned and unschooled, that is a very easy claim. When you point out that good financial stewardship is important, and that increased debts creates a credit rating problem, that is the EASY PART.

On the other hand, when you look at statement of accounts from several of the COG-organizations you will find that they INVEST in stocks. They wouldn't do that if it was a bad strategy, would they? That could cost them lots of tithe money that would then not be available for spending in their "doing the work".... :-)

If pointing out such basic information is proof of being a prophet, then anyone can become a prophet - and might be so in their own minds. But it doesn't bring any spiritual validation of their roles.

The danger of Armstrongism lies in OVER-SIMPLIFYING things to the extent that you can both claim you are talking in general terms, but when things then come to pass they can also say: "Look at what WE predicted!"

That is at the root core of the problem of cults. Mind-control is much easier once people have relaxed their attentiveness [read: parked the brains at the entrance ;-)]...

So you do need the information from "Armstrongism - The Ultimate Guide", and I do hope you will send a link to friends who might benefit from this blog. We need many more readers for the leadership in these organization to take notice. We need linkbuilding, and we need a buzz to be created on Twitter, Facebook, Hubpages and many other places to get people to notice this problem.

If we don't make an effort to share what is going on, more people will be victims of this dangerous ideology, that so boldly claims "freedom of religion" to continue their quest for more money and influence in the lives of people who know no better because noone told them.

That would be a shame, I should think.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jesus Christ - Personality Or Idol?

It is a big mystery to many why some Christians hate Dan Brown's books so much. They are just novels with a little spiritual twists.

But recent times have proved that religion is becoming a dangerous matter. When you say something controversial you can end up alienated - or even under a death threat - for stating your opinions. Why has our society gone so far into the dangerous pit of fundamentalism?

Where is the democratic spirit of people who want to repress others for stating their opinions? Is their faith so little that they need total suppression of free thinking to abide by their faiths?

Jesus - Personality Or Idol?
When Christians state their opinions that their savior was the son of God, no one is threatening them for believing that. But if you dare challenge this christian opposition some Christians become rather verbally abusive because you dare doubt that claim. Why is this so? Could it be because Christians know their are worshiping an idol?

When Christians read the Hebrew scriptures they can clearly see the commandment against idolatry - and yet people wear crucifixes and have drawings of their crucified Jesus hanging in churches and homes without ever questioning their activities. But when you dare point this out, showing Exodus 20:4 as one of the scriptures they break, they don't know what to say.

Jesus as Lawbreaker
It is no big surprise that Christians generally don't know the aspect of what is God's law compared with what is just christian speculation. This Jesus character is quoted in many places as saying "ye have heard.... but I say unto you", thus placing bigger authority upon what man says over what God says.

Numerous parables have antisemitic tones in their presentation of what God's Law actually was, and that is probably at the root of why many Christians hate laws. They have a rebel lawbreaker as an idol, so why would they ever enjoy laws when it would be so difficult to actually define whatever that law actually is.

It is in such tumultuous circumstances that many Christians find Dan Brown's books very challenging. They know there is something fishy in both having brothers and sisters, yet claiming eternal virginity of Mary. No woman could ever give birth to a child, and remain a virgin. The hymen would break.

Such obvious problems are things Catholics won't talk about. Whenever you ask whether this Jesus would ever have had any relations with a woman they turn just as fundamentalist as some of the other religions others would normally look down upon.

So I would think Christians need to review what they actually believe before being offended because others think this religion has more questions than it ever answers...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spanky Rekindles the Pale vs. Cross Debate

According to the article "Why the COGs Deny Jesus Died on a Cross" with a link to the article from the Living Church of God site, Spanky and his ministry is rekindling the debate of whether this Jesus was postified - palified or crucified...

Douglas Winnail has written the July 8th update you can read right here:

These copycats should really read my article "How to Start Your Own Religion" because it seems anything is useful in their quest for members.

The more unpopular an idea is, the more it seems to attract the ministers of Armstrongism.

There is nothing noble in turning people off, but apparently the "counting the cost" principle in Luke 14:33 has all the implied ideas of denying medicine, questioning crucifixion/postification/palification, and many other tenets we know were taken from the Jehovahs Witnesses...

Armstrongism continues...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Monetization is such an evil word. Especially when cults need to defend themselves. They will claim their opponents are just trying to "monetize" off their message. But when you see no donation button on that opponent's site, where is their basis for claiming people are trying to monetize? When they DO have donation buttons, and claims of how much they perform a "preaching message", and needing more co-workers etc, WHO is it that is trying to get MONEY?

I ask again: when people have spent literally thousands of dollars in tithes, feeling it was perfectly fine they wasted that money on an organization that was driven by MONEY, why would an ad on a site be something "criminal"? Those ads keep content free, and you can just look away from those ads if you wish. Noone is pushing you in the direction of any ads whatsoever.

Similarly, when I speak out against the DISunity saying people are driving one another away from each other striving for more money, those words hurt the people who KNOW they are guilty of participating in that DISunity with the sole purpose to get more tithe-payers. Watch the attempts by the Restored Church of God to get followers from the crisis in the United Church of God. That was documented in February in the article "The Resurgence of Armstrongism".

Cults leaders don't care about you or your family. They want your money, and claiming to do a work for God is a darn good venue to opening the wallets of the gullible.

Read that again, please.

Those are the two most clear sentences describing Armstrongism (and others cults) you will find anywhere on the internet.

This is the primary reason this blog continues to fight the curse of Armstrongism. I KNOW just how dangerous and destructive this set of doctrines can be, and I dare speak out against it.

Will you listen, and participate? Please do write your comments - and I hope you are indeed inspired by this blog. There IS a good life after Armstrongism where you can SHARE and HELP others through sharing what you know.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Is Healing By Itself Proof of Being of God?

There has arisen a great misunderstanding - much like what happens with other "faith healing ministries"... The idea that IF someone is healed, then that proves the minister is "of God".

One such comment has arisen on news:alt.religion.w-w-church-god because a letter to the editor had been published by "hwa-admin", a.k.a. Don Wheatley - to which I commented:

> Title: Letters to the Editor
> Publication: The Good News Magazine
> Publisher: Herbert W Armstrong
> Editor: Herbert W Armstrong
> Issue: Nov 1961
> Number: Vol 10, No 11
> Page: 8
> Type: Letter
> Type Media: PDF
> Doctors Astounded
> "I am writing to thank you for your
> prayers and the healing cloth. The doctors
> had told my husband and myself
> that if our son did not improve in 24
> hours, he would die. The next day, he
> showed improvement. The next, he was
> ready to go home. Doctors remarked
> that it was amazing how quickly he
> recovered."

Later, the WCG insinuated that "the faithful" did not need to consult doctors, but should rely upon God alone for healing.

WHEN did "the faithful" ever expect science was such an evil thing, and that we should sit passively by and expect God to do for us what we are perfectly able to handle by using the talents He gave to man?

In fact, even HWA went to doctors as recounted in the autobiography on the subject of the rhesus negative issue with one of his kids, so why the sudden "need" to demonize medicine?

Worth remembering, I would say. Though it was, of course, good that there was a recovery of health...

This caused hwa-admin to write:

I have been healed numerous times after requesting an anointed cloth from a minister.
Your lack of conversion is quite evident if you were never healed by God supernaturally.
I wonder how many others who once supported Mr. Armstrong were never healed via anointings.

I wrote this in reply to Don's statement:

Den 05-07-2010 05:42, hwa-admin skrev:
> Henrik,
> I have been healed numerous times after requesting
> an anointed cloth from a minister.
> Your lack of conversion is quite evident if you were
> never healed by God supernaturally.

Have you read the book of Job?

Some of us were lucky to be healthy - and never needed any anointings. ;-)

> I wonder how many others who once supported Mr.
> Armstrong were never healed via anointings.

You wonder in vain. Healings and miracles happen in many places. Signs and wonders ring any bells?...

From the christian perspective, Matthew 24:24 is clear:

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Don't ever let yourself be annoyed by people's attempt to draw your conversion into doubt. It's a mind-trick designed to try to circumvent the discussion into a defense of your position.

Realize that you must first of all use your MIND to "prove all things" (1. Thess. 5:21) as they so gladly encouraged you to do BEFORE you came in. Why would that stop just because you were "in" the flock?

Use your common sense, and you won't be tricked by this type of circular reasoning... :-)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Truth Hurts (For Some)

Truth hurts for some people. The truth is that the theology of Armstrong was filled with error, and the organization he founded was subsequently filled with that error. Groups clinging to those doctrines are also filled with error.

Elementary? Not quite. Because there are many sentiments buried with the kind of commitment people have made to the organization. They HOPE that at least that commitment will be blessed with eternal life - regardless of what the Scriptures say.

I won't interpret the Scriptures for anyone, but will say this: when people ask me what the purpose of this blog is, it IS indeed to help those who want to exit the fallacies of Armstrongism, and to help them into seeing that there IS a world outside the cult.

That is sometimes misunderstood, and misinterpreted - as you can see from a couple of articles where the comments show that the words hurt. These words hurt because they are true, and truth can't be overlooked. When Armstrong lived in splendor while the members had to turn every cent to make ends meet, there IS something wrong. When John Trechak worked his butt off documenting all the many errors as he did in Ambassador Report, those truths DID survive him. They survived him because they were true, and because others ARE willing to share that information with the rest of the world FREE of charge. Not semi-free or almost free, but TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE. Noone requesting ANY money whatsoever.

That is also the primary reason why you won't find any donation button on this blog. I don't want any donations to help cover the expenses involved in writing this blog. I prefer to GIVE the information I learned in recognition of how the information I got helped me, and I want to pass on as much as I can while still prioritizing family matters, work, friends etc. Sometimes you will read many articles, and at other times there may be less to say (or write).

The secondary reason is that I don't want the insinuation of "ulterior motives" because that is usually the best defense cults can make. "Look at this man. He's just in it for the money" or "he is assuming some calling" as we have heard all the different splinter leaders say - including Meredith, Flurry and Pack...

The worst testimony to the kind of disloyalty we saw in recent times was the tirade of Roderick C Meredith against Raymond F McNair when he left the Living Church of God. These two men had been friends for a lifetime, and how Burk and Jonathan McNair could ever accept that type of speaking against a family member just shows how deep the commitment of people wallowing in the mire of Armstrongism is.

Those are harsh words, indeed. But they are nonetheless true. I feel it is a disgrace to calling oneself a "man of God" to behave in that manner. "You shall know them by their fruits" is a famous saying among christians - and sometimes it seems people can't distinguish between pears and apples, or lemons and bananas when they are so screwed up as to speak in such a manner about a long-time friend.

I wish you all a happy week. Keep helping one another, and behave well. People will know YOU by the way YOU act towards brothers and sisters everywhere. No matter whosoever ever tells you to behave any differently, I would hope you would remember the principle of loyalty towards all - even foreigners because they could be future friends you just haven't met yet.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Summary of Articles Published This Week

Once again, it's time to recapitulate the articles that were published during the week:

Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)

Armstrong Became The Same Victim of Forgetfulness

For those who remember "The Seven Laws of Success" written by Herbert Armstrong, one could say he also became the victim of his own description of forgotten successes - if one even dares to insinuate Armstrongism could have anything to do with success... :-)

Read this:

Then there were two great bankers whom I knew, one of them quite intimately. This was Mr. Arthur Reynolds, president of the then second largest national bank in America. I first knew Mr. Reynolds when he was president of a bank in the city where I was born. Later, as an ambitious and rising young advertising man in Chicago, I went to him often for personal counsel and advice. He was always interested, helpful. And I always considered his advice sound, and followed it. Mr. Reynolds won a measure of national and worldwide fame.
Some thirty-five years later I walked into his great bank and inquired of one of its many vice-presidents whether he knew where Mr. Reynolds had moved, and where he had died. I had heard that he had retired and moved to our headquarters city, Pasadena, and died there. This vice president had never heard of Arthur Reynolds.
“Who was he?” he asked.
He inquired around. No one remembered Arthur Reynolds. Finally the public relations secretary sent to the bank’s library, and presently a clerk brought a newspaper clipping. It was the sole record the bank seemed to possess of its former president, who, with his brother, was largely responsible for building up this bank to its great size and importance. The clipping was from a San Mateo, California, newspaper. It told of his death in that San Francisco suburb.
After reading it, I handed the clipped obituary back.
“You’ll certainly want to keep this,” I remarked. “It must be valuable to the bank.”
“Oh, no” he replied. “If you knew him, take it along.”
And thus I carried from that great bank what probably was the only record of this man
in the bank of which he was so long president. His “success” was not lasting. It was not long remembered.
During his busy lifetime, this man applied the first SIX of the seven rules of success. Yet whatever success he achieved was fleeting, and although he had accumulated money, acquired a nice block of stock in the bank, lived in a fine home, became recognized as important in his lifetime, all of his “success” died with him!

It is quite ironic that the organization he founded also strove to "forget" him in every way possible. So his impact died with him in the mother church - but has been greatly cultivated in the splinters who remain faithful to the ideals of Armstrongism.

Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Article You Should Read

Today, I want to recommend an article you should read. It's entitled "A Retrospective Look at the Socio-Cultural experience in the Worldwide Church of God" written by Damon on the Life After WCG-blog. You can read the article by clicking right here:

The link opens up in a new window or a new tab so you can keep reading afterwards.

This article is a real eye-opener for those not familiar with life in the WCG, and it's highly recommended reading for those who think a name change and a new doctrinal slate is any proof of change. The entire mentality is still brutally destroyed by the mindset of the Armstrong college - so-called "Ambassador College".

The month of June brought in 21 articles on this blog. Let's see how many will appear in the month of July. Your comments are highly welcome. :-)