Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Monetization is such an evil word. Especially when cults need to defend themselves. They will claim their opponents are just trying to "monetize" off their message. But when you see no donation button on that opponent's site, where is their basis for claiming people are trying to monetize? When they DO have donation buttons, and claims of how much they perform a "preaching message", and needing more co-workers etc, WHO is it that is trying to get MONEY?

I ask again: when people have spent literally thousands of dollars in tithes, feeling it was perfectly fine they wasted that money on an organization that was driven by MONEY, why would an ad on a site be something "criminal"? Those ads keep content free, and you can just look away from those ads if you wish. Noone is pushing you in the direction of any ads whatsoever.

Similarly, when I speak out against the DISunity saying people are driving one another away from each other striving for more money, those words hurt the people who KNOW they are guilty of participating in that DISunity with the sole purpose to get more tithe-payers. Watch the attempts by the Restored Church of God to get followers from the crisis in the United Church of God. That was documented in February in the article "The Resurgence of Armstrongism".

Cults leaders don't care about you or your family. They want your money, and claiming to do a work for God is a darn good venue to opening the wallets of the gullible.

Read that again, please.

Those are the two most clear sentences describing Armstrongism (and others cults) you will find anywhere on the internet.

This is the primary reason this blog continues to fight the curse of Armstrongism. I KNOW just how dangerous and destructive this set of doctrines can be, and I dare speak out against it.

Will you listen, and participate? Please do write your comments - and I hope you are indeed inspired by this blog. There IS a good life after Armstrongism where you can SHARE and HELP others through sharing what you know.

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