Thursday, July 1, 2010

Article You Should Read

Today, I want to recommend an article you should read. It's entitled "A Retrospective Look at the Socio-Cultural experience in the Worldwide Church of God" written by Damon on the Life After WCG-blog. You can read the article by clicking right here:

The link opens up in a new window or a new tab so you can keep reading afterwards.

This article is a real eye-opener for those not familiar with life in the WCG, and it's highly recommended reading for those who think a name change and a new doctrinal slate is any proof of change. The entire mentality is still brutally destroyed by the mindset of the Armstrong college - so-called "Ambassador College".

The month of June brought in 21 articles on this blog. Let's see how many will appear in the month of July. Your comments are highly welcome. :-)

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