Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ron Weinland - Wrong Again...

I doubt it comes as any surprise to regular readers of this blog that the date May 27th 2012 came and went without any major happenings. You might find some occasional bad weather somewhere on the globe, but hardly any sign of fire and brimstone from heaven as Ron Weinland wanted people to believe... In fact, nothing of what Ron Weinland HAS said has ever come to pass at the time it should, so either he is now inventing a new calendar, or he might also be preparing a better defence than what he has already released in The Day of Christ's Coming.

It is tragic to see just how far-fetched some ideas are at this time. Even the inlay page he includes with his 2008 book is outdated.

The most amazing part is why people don't take the words of their Bibles seriously. When a prophet FAILS, it is because he is NO PROPHET. End of the matter. No extra definitions. If and when you issue a prediction, and that prediction FAILS, you need to take heed.

That would be pretty good advice for Ronnie, but I am quite sure he is going to find some magical date.

I can already now say it is my plan to celebrate my 70th birthday in 2043, on April 14th. Regardless of any predictions from Ron Weinland. :-)

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