Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Twenty Seven Years After the Death of Herbert W Armstrong

As many know Six-Pack Gerald Flurry declared the 16th of January was the most important date in history. Now, twenty seven years after the death of Herbie, he probably still believes this.

All others know it's a coincidence whether something happens on the 15th or on the 16th of any month, but Gerald Flurry was very specific:

You are going to see the date of HWA's death take on more significance as time goes on. (page 82, Malachi's Message 1990-edition)
As regular readers of this blog will know, Gerald Flurry has a unique ability to see things in coincidences. Things are easily upgraded into almost world-important proportions whenever Gerald feels something is important. Anyone questioning him is immediately expelled from fellowship and considered an "enemy of the truth."

What we know is that he, and all other proponents of Armstrongism, are the actual enemies of the truth, but these naive people still entreched in Armstrongism are discouraged to prove all things once they have become members of 'the faithful flock'...