Friday, July 16, 2010

Jesus Christ - Personality Or Idol?

It is a big mystery to many why some Christians hate Dan Brown's books so much. They are just novels with a little spiritual twists.

But recent times have proved that religion is becoming a dangerous matter. When you say something controversial you can end up alienated - or even under a death threat - for stating your opinions. Why has our society gone so far into the dangerous pit of fundamentalism?

Where is the democratic spirit of people who want to repress others for stating their opinions? Is their faith so little that they need total suppression of free thinking to abide by their faiths?

Jesus - Personality Or Idol?
When Christians state their opinions that their savior was the son of God, no one is threatening them for believing that. But if you dare challenge this christian opposition some Christians become rather verbally abusive because you dare doubt that claim. Why is this so? Could it be because Christians know their are worshiping an idol?

When Christians read the Hebrew scriptures they can clearly see the commandment against idolatry - and yet people wear crucifixes and have drawings of their crucified Jesus hanging in churches and homes without ever questioning their activities. But when you dare point this out, showing Exodus 20:4 as one of the scriptures they break, they don't know what to say.

Jesus as Lawbreaker
It is no big surprise that Christians generally don't know the aspect of what is God's law compared with what is just christian speculation. This Jesus character is quoted in many places as saying "ye have heard.... but I say unto you", thus placing bigger authority upon what man says over what God says.

Numerous parables have antisemitic tones in their presentation of what God's Law actually was, and that is probably at the root of why many Christians hate laws. They have a rebel lawbreaker as an idol, so why would they ever enjoy laws when it would be so difficult to actually define whatever that law actually is.

It is in such tumultuous circumstances that many Christians find Dan Brown's books very challenging. They know there is something fishy in both having brothers and sisters, yet claiming eternal virginity of Mary. No woman could ever give birth to a child, and remain a virgin. The hymen would break.

Such obvious problems are things Catholics won't talk about. Whenever you ask whether this Jesus would ever have had any relations with a woman they turn just as fundamentalist as some of the other religions others would normally look down upon.

So I would think Christians need to review what they actually believe before being offended because others think this religion has more questions than it ever answers...


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  2. First of all I think it's brave of an anonymous person to want to put labels on people such as "whores" and "bait"...

    But the best part of that is that technically once a message can't be disproved, it's always easier to discredit the author.

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    Questioning other people the way you do tells a lot about yourself, and that might be the reason for remaining anonymous.

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