Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Journal Ends Publication After 21 Years

The Journal brought news about the various COGs globally. Many found inspiration in that newspaper, and I am also quite sure that both the obituaries and news about births at the back of the magazine gave people a unique chance to follow activities among former friends that were scattered as a result of the breakup of the many organizations.

Their final issue came (no. 202) out in January 2018. That is now almost a year ago...

Time flies, and when we don't necessarily keep up with news in this area, then suddenly things move - and just as Ambassador Watch stopped years ago, so now The Journal is no longer updated.

One can only admire their dedication and helpful attitude towards focusing on news about these COGs - it was strongly criticised by some cult leaders, probably because they never understood the openness editorially speaking. They DID publish some crackpot articles as advertisments to keep the newspaper afloat, but quite often the people who know the least about publication costs are always the people who have the strongest opinions against advertising.

You can't pay the grocery bill with good intentions. It costs money! :-)

Anyway, Happy New Year to all.

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