Saturday, July 7, 2018

Philadelphia Trumpet Is Getting Stranger Every Day

The PCG Philadelphia Trumpet is getting stranger for every issue published. It was rather interesting to see the article published over on Living Armstrongism entitled Overview of the August 2018 Issue of PCG's Philadelphia Trumpet. I made the comment you can see at the beginning of this article.

As previously stated, you can't really say anything new about the antiquated doctrines of Armstrongism, but one thing CAN be said: the offshoots clearly depend on members who don't think for themselves and watch the news independently of church materials.

It's easy for the rest of us - who are no longer involved - to see this, but for people who view anything that doesn't come from 'church HQ' as evil, it's difficult to analyze world news in the right context.

The facts are that none of the would-be prophetic speakers ever predicted the numerous changes in the entire geopolital scene. This was easy to predict because even when false prophecies were coming out of Pasadena for decades, nobody reacted. Even though members should have known leadership by their fruits and proved everything like the Bereans, they never did.

If anyone had a strange idea they could market this as prophecy, and once it was accepted by HQ ministers much of this came out as 'what members had to watch' - and, please remember, these members who paid fortunes were never allowed to vote, so it was only a game for many in the ministry.

It begs the question: if you can see something evil about to happen, and don't do anything about it, who has the responsibility for things going bad?

It is a question no minister in Armstrongism likes, because it exposes the upside-down mindset in many people caught up in cults such as theirs.

So glad we are free from this today... :-)

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