Wednesday, January 16, 2019

33 Years Ago That Herbert W Armstrong Passed Away

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Three years ago I wrote the article 3 Decades Ago That Herbert Armstrong Died. In May I wrote the article What Can We Say That Hasn't Already Been Said About Armstrongism? which sums up the obvious: we can't really say that much new about the doctrines within armstrongism. They are mostly set in concrete like a canon in the spinoffs that all strive to be as 'faithful' as possible to what they consider to be an end-time Elijah.

In these groups Herbert Armstrong is isolized almost as deity, and that leaves little room for development in groups that have such a policy.

The cultic tendencies are obvious for all to see, and therefore there will be news from around the world - especially after the demise of The Journal as I mentioned in my article from December on this blog.

Your comments are welcome. They may inspire me to write further articles, and I will obviously respect all needs of privacy for those who offer information. You may write me at my e-mail which is henrik AT blunck DOT dk. It is quite logical that no one wants to reveal sources of information as it is certain that some group leaders read what they call "dissident material" even though they claim otherwise from the pulpit. In sects much care is taken to hide this information - and that is something we want to avoid. Any and all news with relevance for readers WILL be disclosed for the benefit of the many who are in need of help to get out of Armstrongism.

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