Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cults ARE Winning...

In the quest for information about cults, there is very sadly an aspect that is working to the advantage of cults. Cults have no conscience so getting people to pay the increased expenses is disguised as tithes. Tithes that are paid by faithful people who just follow what they believe is a Scriptural command.

What is much less recognized is the fact that information about these cults takes time AND energy, research AND enthusiasm. In recent years numerous anti-cult groups have closed shop. People were willing to spend thousands of dollars in their cult experience, but couldn't be bothered with supporting an information agency that inspired their exit. They couldn't even imagine even just saying thanks to the people who gave them the information noone else provided.

Some people need to be remembered in that regard. John Trechak fought for many years, trying to get every single Ambassador Report published. If the internet had been a daily element back when he started his publication, you can be certain he would never have set any copyright rules. Just as I never forbid anyone in republishing my articles - provided you tell people where you got the information. A full reprint IS allowed as long as you provide a link to the original source.

Noone should ever let their egos hinder the free promulgation of information, and the cultic behavior should never be continued by freedom seekers who are motivated to share their knowledge about Armstrongism.

Therefore, feel free to share, and help MORE people come out of the darkness of Armstrongism and into the light of the Bible. Your help may inspire someone who otherwise ends up having mental scars that could take years to recover from. Helping involves sharing, and paying due credit to whom credit is due by linking to each other.


  1. is still under construction, but will fully embody what you intend in this blog entry.

    Several of us are discussing this problem behind the scenes. People just aren't interested in getting the truth out there any longer. It's a thankless job. When our team finally had our break in 2005 after working 18 months to take down the ccg, only one of the former members declared that their cult leader was "a one man show" -- the very thing we were continually putting on our blogs.

    One of the things you will see starting up is a simple catch phrase that we think will work:

    They lie
    And then they take your money.

    We're starting a campaign and this looks to be the very kind of thing that people will remember and take with them.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Doug.

    You're quite right, It's a quest that certainly won't earn anyone a fortune. Will be taking a look at your site, and please feel free to link anywhere you wish to this blog. If I can help in any way, just say the word.

    I have decided to do a Danish blog on the subject now to support the Scandinavians coming out of Armstrongism. :-)