Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Harold Camping - Redesigned

Can you spot the difference between these two screenshots:

Cache taken on May 22nd 2011:

This is how the Family Radio site looks today:

Gone is the counter supposed to end up in the rapture on May 21st 2011. Gone are the predictions of this being as sure as [fill in the blank]. Gone is prophetic interpretations - very probably trying to ride off the storm since the fake prediction turned Harold Camping into a real fool when compared with the words of the Bible about false predictions...

Next in line for a false prediction label is apparently, Ron Weinland who on February 25th 2011 wrote the following:

Seven months have now passed since my last posting. It has been a little over two years since the Seventh Seal of Revelation was opened. More incredible yet is the reality that in about 15 months from now, Jesus Christ is going to return to this earth.

This puts his prediction at about May 2012. Just so you know it. ;-)

All kidding aside. False predictions cause people to lose faith in God, and you should never let that happen to you. It should awaken you to error, but not cause you to lose faith in our Creator.

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  1. We all should take note: United has completely revamped their website.

    Same thing really.

    I'm having a little difficulty with revamping my website, DNArefutesBI.com because I need to include sections not yet written about:

    Mental Illness;
    (additional) false prophecies;
    emotional extortion;

    The bottom line: Harold Camping seems benign in comparison with the Armstrongists.

    And the Armstrongists are all revamping their websites.