Saturday, April 16, 2011

Running a Blog Without Comments

When you look at the blog at the Church of God - a Worldwide Association, Inc you will find they apparently subscribe to Armstrongism full-speed. Their blog isn't open for any comments.

"Who needs feedback?" seems to be their reasoning.

In their latest article on the blog, entitled "With All These Taxes, Why Is the U.S. Getting Deeper in Debt?" the answer is obvious: the US is requiring too little taxes from their people.

How Americans can be "burdened" by needing "to work more than three months just to pay the federal, state and local taxes for the year" is somewhat of a paradox when Danes have a 40% tax on income - effectively around 30% when you calculate amounts that are tax exempt. But also a VAT of 25%...

The answer to political questions is often unpopular, and the US has a lot to learn about the mental attitude of workers. Too much hassle causes companies to outsource to cheaper nations with less labor union involvement. That is both good and evil, but it's a challenge for all employees, regardless of one's political opinions.

Such nuances are not welcome on the COGWA blog, because that would hinder their Armstrongite preaching of shut up, pay and pray being the "way of the faithful" in full trust that whatever the minister says is best.

People caught up in Armstrongism truly need the freedom of democracy and thinking for themselves instead of relying on biased rephrasing of antiquated "living beyond your means" attempt at clouding the FACT that the economic crisis was one factor, helping the world at a place in history where dangerous threats are coming from new geographical "epi-centres" etc. All those nuances can't just be put into "plain truth" because they are complicated, and the solution isn't just relying upon getting down on your knees sending good karma towards the skies...

Our personal morality is what we control. National deficits are what national politicians control, and as long as special interest groups have their say in everyday policies, nothing is going to change.


  1. Thank you for letting us post.

    I have an upsetting question: Do you really think that God is in charge of setting up our leaders in the United States?

    That is the perspective of the Armstrongists. If that is so, should they complain about the Government, ostensibly from God? Or is that too logical a question?

    Oh, I know! Satan swooped in and chose the leaders. But. But. Didn't God sanction the leaders by letting Satan do the choosing? So, same problem, right?

    What about....

    The people they.... Yes, the old tagline from Saul excusing himself to Samuel. I think he had something there. Is it possible that the people of the United States chose their leaders?

    If that's the case, who could blame God? Isn't this what the Armstrongist's complaints are all about? Blaspheming God for His Choices? Whining about what God allows?

    So tell me how the Armstrongists can wrangle their way out of this? Either God is responsible and we should keep our mouths shut without complaint and follow our leaders as the Laws of God permit or the people are at fault.

    So if the people are at fault, how can anyone who doesn't vote complain, pray do tell?

  2. I see the paradox, and I hope the articles on this blog help you decide what to believe as you are leaving behind the Armstrongist perspective.
    Good points, and I hope you will comment further as you read through this blog. :-)

  3. It is disturbing to me that people I know, dissatisfied with the UCG are attending CoGWA because they are saying that they are going to listen to people.

    And where have we heard this before?

    Oh, hearken back to 1995 and the United Church of God, an International Association. They had the beautiful "Good News" full of great articles. They were going to do a distributed administration with no headquarters with people all over the United States and the world collaborating.

    That lasted, oh, about 8 months or so.

    As it is with every "growth" format business, it quickly lapsed to one of the other three orientations of task, role and authority. They picked authority and stuck with it because that is all they have ever known. They don't really know how to minister to people, only to manipulate and control them, like the minister I asked about postponements: "I looked into that once, but I don't remember now". He lied. They all lie. It is who they are.

    And would it be any wonder that the CoGWA will pursue the same path? They are cut from the same cloth, after all -- the wool of sheep's clothing. And we all know what's underneath that.

  4. Exactly. You took the words right out of my mouth...

    I would rather have constructive criticism, and learn something from lay-members than ever lay a yoke on people to get them to "shut up, pay and pray" as is the recipe of Armstrongism.

    Thanks for your feedback. :-)

  5. I believe that the CoGWA will continue the fine tradition of Armstrongism:

    Lie and then take the money.

  6. The true formula is "Pray, Obey, Pay and Stay." :)