Friday, April 1, 2011

Positive People - Why Surrounding Yourself With Positive People Will Inspire You

There is no doubt in my mind that surrounding yourself with positive people will impact your results in life. I have wasted so much time trying to change the perspective of negative people without any success that I took a review of my strategy.

The renewal showed me three important rules happy people usually live by:
  • They appreciate what they have
  • They appreciate potential
  • They always look ahead instead of living in the past
Let's go through these points so you can also get the full potential from living by these rules. These were essential identifying signs in who is worth your attention when you want to build up mutually beneficial relationships, and when you want to identify what works - and what does not work.

Appreciating What You Have
Happy people appreciate the gifts they have received. Whether talent for helping others, or a talent for instruction, writing or speaking, they will always be focused on helping others. Their entire perspective is centered around building up rather than tearing down.

When you see people who don't appreciate their talents, you need to get the focused correctly again. You can't work with them until they are ready to build on a solid foundation. People who can't identify their foundation will be building on quicksand, and can never really get motivated to stick with the assignment at hand.

Appreciating Potential In Yourself and People Around You
Rather than being envious, you should be glad when you are around people who grow even faster than yourself. It just proves your methods work. Learning curves are different for all people, and growth comes in periodic steps. Sometimes we stand still, yet suddenly a border is passed, and then growth speeds up for some time. When you see that development people are in a mode of operation when you can bring in more change and instruction. When growth slows down people need restructuring, and perhaps even a changed focus to help keep them ready for more growth in the future.

Looking Ahead Rather Than Living In the Past
You should never focus on failure. Errors happen, and you fail from time to time, but you have to be ready to step up again, and move ahead rather than losing everything just because you were torn down by a bit of bad luck. Occasional mishaps happen to all of us. The difference is in what you learn from your mistakes, and that will determine how you live your life today and in a future oriented mode.

In Conclusion
Growth inspires everyone for even more growth. When you surround yourself with good karma, you have a far better chance at being inspired and motivated by your surroundings. Seize the day, and stay motivated for even more growth. That is the only way that works - and it will keep all negative karma away from your projects.


  1. This reminds me of articles by Mike Bennett, who recently left UCG (for where I'm not sure).

    The articles were about "raising optimistic children."

    Yet attend COG services, and the atmosphere is often gloom-and-doomy -- even from the pulpit. America's doomed; Europe's about to get us; the next big earthquake could hit North America next week, etc.

    Too many COG'ers are quick to declare what they're against. So many need to focus instead (in words and thinking) on what they're for - and emphasize that.

  2. Oh, well, if you want to surround yourself with positive people who are also nice and godly, you could attend CoG7 (the church from which Herbert Armstrong sprung, introducing gross heresy and idolatry) or, if you are a Feast Keeper, you could always attend with members of the Seventh Day Church of God (which produces The Herald of Truth for people around the world).

    But then, why go with the original when you drink in all the plastic negativity of Armstrongism in a venue of endless church wars?