Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spanky's Homophobic Rules at Their Living University

Spanky has now, again, proved he doesn't learn much from history. When Ambassador College went through the process of accreditation many points were discriminatory, and today that practice is STILL done at the Living Church of God university, Living University. You can see that in their LU Catalog, which can be read directly here: http://www.livinguniv.com/Documents/LUCatalog.pdf

"Live a moral life which includes, but is not limited to, abstinence
from all sexual relations outside the bonds of heterosexual marriage
." (Page 56, point no. 7)

That is blatant discrimination against homosexuals - and regardless of what your personal opinion on that subject is, it is also clear that they require you observe the laws of the land.

"Obey, honor, and sustain the law of the land." (same page, point no. 5)

One of the key elements to get state funding is that you don't practice any form of discrimination, and the wording could have been changed to the following to be legal:

"Live a moral life which includes not practicing any pre- or extra-marital sex on campus."

That type of wording would have been in accordance with the laws of the land, but apparently the homophobic belief that other people's practices could be "contagious" are still believed in cults such as the Living Church of God.

They are setting themselves up for persecution, but - once again - that would be used as yet another sign of "being faithful" using the standard chapters of Matthew 24 combined with the book of Revelation. A clever plot to instigate the martyrdom they so wish as proof of being somehow special.

Be attentive when investigating such a group because they will use any trick in the book to appear righteous - and thus get more donations because they can afterwards claim they don't get any state funding when that would have been available to them if their terms of admissions were in accordance with "the laws of the land."


  1. Armsrongism has always had gay and lesbian members in it. I should know, becasue I am one of them

    LCG currently has gay and lesbian members. Some are even employed at their cult headquarters.

    HWA had gay employees working for him for decades. He knew it and put the brakes on Spanky MerryDeath's anti-gay pogroms. At HWA's funeral, one of those gay employees was there with his partner.

    When I cam to Pasadena it was a big joke on campus about Spanky MerryDeaths gay concerns. Spanky hated pink shirts on me. One class in particular got so tired of hearing about the pink polo shirts that most of the guys wore them to class one day just to piss of Spanky.

    It was also a huge topic about how Spanky was always talking about how masculine he was. Meredith was known on campus as being rather effeminate and delicate. God forbid if he ever dirtied a finger!

    He also loved to brag bout his "golden gloves' boxing days. He was always trying to prove to everyone who masculine he was. When a person has to try and prove who or what they are then that should send up some red flags. Even with all his over-compensating of his 'masculinity' he still left people wondering.

    Most gay and lesbian Armstrongites have left the church and live normal everyday lives. Many have moved on to mainline churhces, many can't set foot in a church after the crappola of Armstrongism.

    I feel sorry for those gay folk at LCG who hang on because they think God is going to cure them of being gay or that Spanky is an end-time prophet of God. Some stick around because they think the end is near.

    Since it is well documented about all the blatant lies and false prophecies uttered by Spanky and crew, the mere fact that even ONE of Spanky's prophecies has failed should send them out the doors in a hurry. Scripture tells them that one failed prophecy makes Meredith a false prophet and unworthy of being followed.

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    I am saddened by the fact that you need to remain anonymous just because of prejudice, but fully understand the need to do so - also to protect others.

    I hope your comments help others see the need to leave the cult. :-)