Saturday, August 21, 2010

An Ideal Time To Clean Up Your Homes

In the Armstrongism-churches there is great focus on "de-leavening" just before the foot-washing ceremony and Passover, but have you considered that the end of the summertime could be just as ideal a time to clean up your homes? Get rid of all the stuff you have saved. Check up what you need, but certainly also what you could just as well get rid of...

I have often given the advice that you can't build new habits if you keep repeating the same mistakes [ref: "How Can You Change Your Life If You Keep Repeating the Same Mistakes?" and "New Habits Require New Thinking"].

You need to remember that principle, because if you keep lots of clutter around your home you will end up with bad conscience because you never quite get around to cleaning up, but even more importantly: it will be more difficult for you to decide what IS truly important to you.

Many families have had floods in their homes, and in those circumstances they were FORCED to throw out everything. By deciding what is a keeper and what is to be removed, you will be taking an active role in making that decision instead of losing everything as a result of a natural flood.

So you might as well free yourself from the slavery of clutter and old habits. That will bring you even more space to focus on what is truly important to you and your family and friends.

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