Monday, August 9, 2010

Pre- or Post-1978?

I have noticed a funny thing about the hwa-admin guy posting on Usenet in the group news:alt.religion.w-w-church-god. He often includes this comment:

Warning: Some of the statements and teachings
Warning: in these earlier issues of The Plain
Warning: Truth (earlier than around 1978) were
Warning: later changed or discarded.

Why don't they play with open cards as to what was considered valid past 1978? How would outsiders know what to expect when faced with such a "warning"?

The very subject of thought and mind control was an issue in the cult of Armstrongism ever since the 1934-article that in fact spoke out AGAINST ministers controlling the sheep as dictators. That article was virtually impossible to get a hold of in any of the WCG splinters, and the Worldwide Church of God itself since the crisis in the 1970s.

Herbert Armstrong WANTED control, and had no problem in using the name of Christ to create the foundation of that control. Stay tuned... More will come on this blog. :-)

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