Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Introduction of This Blog on Armstrongism

I won't repeat what I have already written on my HubPages "Are You In A Cult?" and "Armstrongism", but I will say one thing when introducing this blog.

I have no church affiliation whatsoever. I have left christianity definitively. I am studying Judaism with a great respect for the many things that were sorely misinterpreted while so-called ministers preached from pulpits in the various COG-groups. The antisemitism shown by their preaching is a sad proof of their misguided zeal - but I won't run any missionary campaign on this blog.

My mission is, however, to help those exiting cults, and I want to be a welcome place for those who take a stand against the doctrines of Armstrongism. There are so many splinters out there that an exhaustive list is almost impossible to give. Even if it was I hesitate about listing links to any of these cults since I don't want to improve any of their PageRanks in any way whatsoever.

Armstrongism - The Ultimate Guide must be your "new beginning" regardless of wherever you find yourself after the cultic experience in any of the splinters.

For many of us the exit procedure is both very identical, and yet also very different from person to person. We each had different levels of personal involvement in the various groups, and subsequently also different levels of time needed to fully recover.

My hope is that everyone will be helped by this blog as I add new articles, and I shall try to cover all questions asked on this blog. Your comments are more than welcome, and I do hope you will be so kind as to share whatever is on your mind. The only rule when commenting is that I kindly ask we don't turn to swearing and bad language. Saying the truth always, and realizing the effect of our words is so much sharper when said with clarity instead of profanity.

Welcome to this blog.


Update: June 20th 2010:

I forgot to upload the video I did as an introduction to this blog, and therefore I want to share it in this article.

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