Thursday, June 10, 2010

Case Study: The Philadelphia Church of God - Gerald Flurry

As you can see in the left hand menu there are a couple of videos showing Fox25's investigation on the PCG. Gerald Flurry is among the most famous COG-leaders - not due to popularity, but simply because of his book, Malachi's Message, which was sent to most WCG-members in the formative years of the PCG.

His tv-show, Key of David, is a surprising mixture of anglo-israelism combined with elements of antisemitism mixed with out of context scriptures to give credibility to the prophet - which is how Gerald Flurry sees himself.

The lonely wolf in troubled waters...

As in the case study on the RCG, Gerald Flurry relies heavily upon government to keep his body of believers faithful to his version of Armstrongism. His main message was in the beginning one of getting as many members from the WCG, and now he tries to scare his audience with various end-time scenarios. The anticipation, more or less implied, being that only those faithful to the PCG will be taken to the place of safety.

The practice of disfellowship is done immediately when someone is found to be critical of his interpretation of scripture. In the beginning he claimed you could know a tree by its fruits, but since his conviction on DUI he has taken a much more firm grip of his organization - and questions are not welcome any more.

You will no doubt want to read my article on his son's, Stephen Flurry's, book Raising the Ruins which is rather enlightening as to the character of Gerald Flurry. You can read the article entitled "Raising the Ruins by Stephen Flurry - The Ultimate Review" by clicking the title.

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  1. Interesting blog Henrik. Will give it a mention on Otagosh. All the best.

  2. Yes, best of luck, and congratulations on recognizing the inherent problems and (rankly insidious) anti-Semitism of Christianity. Here's hoping the mention on Otagosh will pick up some interested followers for you!

  3. Thanks to both of you. Certainly hoping this blog will pick up some good traffic so a lot more people can be warned. The next three articles are all ready for publication at 1:01 AM CET monday, tuesday and wednesday - so the content is kept fresh and up-to-date.

  4. I was born and raised in "the True Church" when it really was THE (only) True Church, so I've no tales of life under the splinter leaders...I do, however, have an amusing anecdote about PCG, ca. 1993 (this was just when Six-Pack Gerry was seriously breaking away):

    Our local pastor (who later that same year gave the "we must evangelize for Christ" sermon, and was summarily transferred six weeks later, because the hard-liner lay-ministry pitched a fit at the professing paganism) stood up to the pulpit, as always, and instructed us in no uncertain terms that we (the sheep) "must have agape ONLY for other Worldwide members...we CANNOT have agape for those who have left the Church. We CANNOT have agape for the members of the Philadelphia church...."

    I'm paraphrasing, obviously, and I don't recall what followed after that admonishment. But it always stuck in my mind, for the simple reason that, until the minister spoke to us about it, I hadn't even known there was another Church of God group out there, let alone that it was called "The Philadelphia Church of God"!

    I still don't know whether or not that's a good thing....Yeah, I was a pretty "faithful" member, all right....

  5. Purple Hymnal > Very good point, and funny that the minister in that way pointed your attention towards the PCG - although I hope all readers can see there is a good reason why many warn against Flurry.

    It's not because Flurry is right, but because he is a control freak, as I will be expanding upon the night to wednesday at 1:01AM CET.

    Thanks for your comment. :-)