Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Is the Government Reading Your E-mail?

The title above is the title of the most recent issue of the Philly Trumpet where contributing editor Robert Morley is trying to speak authoritatively on the issue of surveillance by the US. What has failed their attention is that Echelon is old news. In fact, two journalists [Bo Elkjær and Kenan Seeberg] wrote a book entitled "Gåden om Echelon (in Danish, obviously) over a decade ago, in 2002.

Don't misunderstand. It is, certainly, a serious issue. But indeed a loser's game. What about focusing on all the prisoners in Quantanamo? They were specifically promised by then Senator Barack Obama that they could come in front of a judge and jury once he was elected.

THAT was a lie - it never happened, and that is a much more obvious lie in front of the public...

The government can register anything they want. I never write things I can't face once again, so I am not in the least bit worried. Even though numerous movies have also played on this subject.

It was long ago that history taught me people would be willing to compromise their freedoms for anything. The moment they feel threatened by an external factor [such as 'terrorism'?], they will compromise anyway.

Even if you had a political party that was started in an effort to restore decency, it would not survive. People are unwilling to face the music and put their vote where their mouth is. The sooner you face it, the sooner you will also understand why some people are still caught up in cults...

That was, of course, a lesson Gerrys minions won't tell you... :-)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Funny Coincidence...

As many former members of Armstrongism will remember, there was a tradition of unleavening your homes leading up to Easter (or Passover). A tradition many were proud of, and in the antisemitic attitude they often belittled Jews for 'selling' their leavened products instead of physically removing them from their homes.

This year, I had a new kitchen installed in my flat, and funnily enough, dust was EVERYWHERE. So I actually had to do some spring cleaning - this time solely for the purpose of actually getting rid of dust from drilling holes in the walls... :-)

The reason I thought this was a bit funny was that spring cleaning IS good, but this time it actually coincided with the actual season.

Have a nice mini-vacation everyone. I hope you will enjoy the weather, and some family fun now that you don't have to spend countless hours listing to the same cacaphony of noise you have heard at nauseum.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Flurry Keeps Dreaming...

Flurry-minion Joel Hilliker is the lead author in the latest edition of the Philly trumpet, and asks "What Happens After a Superpower Dies?"... In yet another effort to rekindle what Roderick Meredith also tried back in the 1990's, they want their readers to believe the US is on the way down and out.

Where is their patriotism?

Where is their optimism?

It has been buried, just as these ministers deposited their brains when they began living off religious illiterates who only see Armstrong's writings as their last hope.

How UTTERLY depressing to consider that people have given up their lives, and now their ONLY hope is the total smashdown of everything...

Guess what? The doom and gloom they want quite simply won't happen in that way.

Tough words, I know. But look at the evidence. The idea of a negative Germany coupled with a conspiracy based upon the Vatican is so silly it doesn't really deserve an answer. You owe it to yourselves to start examining things freely without having to be guided by MEN in what to believe...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Gerald Flurry Wants Answers...

In the August edition of The Philadelphia Trumpet, Gerald Six-pack Flurry wants answers to scandals in politics. Fair enough. The membership in his church probably also want answers to the question of why lawlessness is only pointed out 'outside' the church, whereas the sins of the pastor-general Flurry go unnoticed.

I am of course, thinking of Gerald Flurry's driving under the influence of alcohol case. You can check more out about this through this link http://www.exitsupportnetwork.com/mike_ep/flurry/flop.htm, and you can do your own Google or Bing search also.

The closest reference he ever made was mentioning he hadn't consumed any alcohol for a number of years. But where was the official apology? Where was the willingness to acknowledge personal repentance?

Oh yes, that is only reserved for laymen. Leadership in Armstrongism can apparently do as they please. They consider themselves above the law, thus rendering the very term lawlessness invalid if you subscribe to that type of logic....

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Twenty Seven Years After the Death of Herbert W Armstrong

As many know Six-Pack Gerald Flurry declared the 16th of January was the most important date in history. Now, twenty seven years after the death of Herbie, he probably still believes this.

All others know it's a coincidence whether something happens on the 15th or on the 16th of any month, but Gerald Flurry was very specific:

You are going to see the date of HWA's death take on more significance as time goes on. (page 82, Malachi's Message 1990-edition)
As regular readers of this blog will know, Gerald Flurry has a unique ability to see things in coincidences. Things are easily upgraded into almost world-important proportions whenever Gerald feels something is important. Anyone questioning him is immediately expelled from fellowship and considered an "enemy of the truth."

What we know is that he, and all other proponents of Armstrongism, are the actual enemies of the truth, but these naive people still entreched in Armstrongism are discouraged to prove all things once they have become members of 'the faithful flock'...

Friday, December 21, 2012

Six-Pack Gerry Looking Into His Crystal Ball

Six-Pack Gerry is looking into his crystal ball in the january 2013 issue of his Trumpet magazine. The wonders of recent elections are now equated to a wonderful scenario for his end-time ramblings. Worst - near the end of the article, and probably also at the end of a bottle of scotch - is his 'analysis' on whether Republicans would have paid off the entire national debt by the end of a four year term if Obama hadn't been re-elected...

For simplistic missioners such as Gerald Flurry, the whole problem is one of repeating the few things he remembers through his fogged memory. The idea of national debt problems is one so old even Gerry should be able to remember it. What he never listened to was the numerous explanations about what makes up a national debt.

Therefore, he didn't understand in the 70's, he didn't in the 80's - and how can anyone expect him to understand if anyone took both the time and effort to do so today?

He loves to see his 'prophetic' words in print, so why should anyone disturb him, you might think... Well, because these ramblings go out to 300K+ people so filled up in the confusion of Armstrongism, and they have NEVER had a chance to analyze economics from anything but a 100$ bill being parted up according to the financial planning booklets.

It is no wonder Ambassador College in Pasadena could never be accredited in their old format. Simplicity was the order of the day, and that was taken to an obvious extreme. So extreme that the word investment was never part of the agenda. Fleece the money from membership was the rule of the day, so Herbie didn't have to borrow anything...

It is widely recognized that the US does have a debt problem. But bankruptcy? No way! Even Meredith made a laugh of himself when he bought into the Bankruptcy 1992 book. Now, twenty years later the US is still not bankrupt.

America WILL survive. And so will other nations in a free market economy that is based on checks and balances. Even though the most recent crisis WAS a tough one to come through, world economy IS picking up, and there will be elections in 2016, 2020, 2024 etc.

Happy New Year everyone. :-)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Welcome Your Feedback

Today's videocast is an invitation to you, dear readers, to make comments abour what type of information you're most imterested in:

Thank you very much beforehand for your feedback. Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ron Weinland - Wrong Again...

I doubt it comes as any surprise to regular readers of this blog that the date May 27th 2012 came and went without any major happenings. You might find some occasional bad weather somewhere on the globe, but hardly any sign of fire and brimstone from heaven as Ron Weinland wanted people to believe... In fact, nothing of what Ron Weinland HAS said has ever come to pass at the time it should, so either he is now inventing a new calendar, or he might also be preparing a better defence than what he has already released in The Day of Christ's Coming.

It is tragic to see just how far-fetched some ideas are at this time. Even the inlay page he includes with his 2008 book is outdated.

The most amazing part is why people don't take the words of their Bibles seriously. When a prophet FAILS, it is because he is NO PROPHET. End of the matter. No extra definitions. If and when you issue a prediction, and that prediction FAILS, you need to take heed.

That would be pretty good advice for Ronnie, but I am quite sure he is going to find some magical date.

I can already now say it is my plan to celebrate my 70th birthday in 2043, on April 14th. Regardless of any predictions from Ron Weinland. :-)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Last Great Day - Review of Book By Benjamin Grant Mitchell

The book The Last Great Day was introduced on this blog in my article entitled "The Last Great Day By Benjamin G Mitchell" released on December 14th 2011.

It took a bit of time to read since many of the memories were indeed flashbacks - not to a childhood in my case, but the part about education really hit home, and furthered other parallel thoughts in that regard. Working for a local deacon salvaging his bad book-keeping cost a big part of my education, and since we were not encouraged to ever handle things in court, the money he cheated me of cost me quite a fortune at a time when I could have been furthering my education.

If that amount had been spent wisely, who knows what could have happened.

But the book isn't interesting in hindsight. It is a good book in order to identify that the many things we each experienced at different levels happened to other people as well, and I would certainly encourage you to get your own copy.

There are so many matters touched upon so each will have his (or her) own specific area of focus. But I can promise you that you will never be bored with this book.

Happy reading. :-)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mind Control - Very Unsettling

In reading the book The Last Great Day, I must say it is a very dramatic book. Much of the information has previously been available in the Ambassador Report edited by John Trechak, but reading it in a more personal setting has been very unsettling. It clearly illustrates the type of mind control involved in cults such as that of Armstrongism.

It does annoy me a bit that names were changed, i.e. The Plain Truth was called The Pure Truth (since it was in no way pure, yet with a clarity that to the untrained eye could appear as 'truth'), Ambassador College was called Apostle College, Garner Ted identified as Gideon etc.

I have reached just over the middle of the book, and in the timeline that is around the 1979 era of that cult. A time with great turmoil in the group, and certainly one where there is much confusion among some.

The most thought-provoking thought that comes out of reading this was the recent purchase by chief-imitator Gerald 'Six-Pack' Flurry (leader of Philadelphia Church of God) who boasted of owning copyrights to all materials. Oddly enough, 1975 in Prophecy is not mentioned anymore by the idolators of Armstrongism. Herbie long ago proved he was a false prophet by setting dates (both 1972 and 1975), yet none of the people who idolize this person who in no way could live up to the ministerial requirements set forth in Scripture have given it any thought that Herbie and his minions DESTROYED the beliefs of many by their unscupulous acts of blasphemy in taking God's name in vain by their actions.

Mind control has been rampant in splinter groups, and there is no doubt that Ben's book is excellent reading for those who want a good impression of what took place during the founder's reign of terror. Even though the book does have a few inaccuracies it is still very nice to get the whole history served in about 400 pages - and should be read by anyone interested in the cult of Armstrongism