Tuesday, May 2, 2017

About PCG: Is God Republican?

We could discuss for hours what some define as 'God'. Many mix politics and religion, and imagine that an all-powerful creator would somehow have their specific political opinion. Failing to realize that politics is a joke - regardless of which side you join...

Let me make it clear. I subscribe to only one criteria for proper living: dealing honestly with fellow men and women. Doctrines are human illusions. You may agree or disagree. That is besides the point. Our ability to communicate with one another doesn't depend on our belief - or disbelief - in any deity or political opinion... :-)

I had to make a comment when the PCG, publishers of The Trumpet, released articles praising Trump just a bit too much - a bit too blindly, to put it bluntly.

I sent in a comment saying the following:

Is God Republican?

When reading The Trumpet one could easily get the impression that God is a Republican. You fail to realize the core issue at stake in the world of politics because you have allowed yourselves to be blinded by your own views on issues such as marriages and divorces, homosexuality and health.
Most observers will have noted that both candidates for the Presidency offered revisions of ObamaCare, but Trump is the only one to talk so derogatively about everything relating to the Democrats in an effort to create a world view that is black and white - with no grey tones whatsoever.
Just as Gal 3:28 talks about both national and gender being a human standard - not any lasting standard - so you may be failing in exactly the same way as scribes and Pharisees did when they had 'their turn of the century' to use a metaphor for the necessity to upgrade attitudes and beliefs. It probably won't reach the Letters section because of your fear of beng corrected by outsiders, but you are placing naïve trust in a man when you put positive etiquettes on a man such as Donald J Trump, and you are bound to be very quickly shaken up when his focus shifts around as it has already done in the first 100 days.

HB, Denmark

Quite naturally, as anyone can imagine, this has not been published - and never will. :-)

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