Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mixing Politics and Religion - A Dangerous Cocktail

It is rather ironic to watch a magazine such as The Philadelphia Trumpet published by Gerald Flurry, because in that magazine you can see some of the most Republican statements. You could quickly get the impression that God was somehow right-wing when you read articles from the so-called Philadelphia Church of God. "Prove all things" (1. Thess 5:21) is only encouraged until the time you become a member of any of the offshoots of Armstrongism. Once in, you can be sure their ministers (read: minions) will come up with loads of right-wing propaganda.

It is no doubt tempting to present news as though everything can be divided into black and white. It's either right or wrong. No grey areas, no dilemmas - all is presented as though God has ONE opinion about everything, and once you disfellowship anyone who disagrees, you have everything you need to create a mind-control cult such as anyone can see in the numerous offshoots from Armstrongism.

Can anyone believe any all-powerful God would back up a lying President? Oh, we all know the rhetoric from ministers in Armstrongism about all things working for..... Bla, bla, bla. I will repeat the question: Can anyone believe any all-powerful God would back up a lying President?

If you think for a moment about this, any such person is disqualified from being a President. He may be backed by people with the same lack of mental and personal stamina, but it doesn't make him any more worthy to be in that very office.

Even though some with religious aspirations may be happy about bashing homosexuals and talking against abortions, but what is the end-result of such behavior? It is intolerance. That should be the very opposite of the traits among religious people.

Speaking bluntly you could say that any bastard can be intolerant. You probably heard of psychopathic CEOs who shun nothing to reach their end-goals. They will do anything, and compromise any value to reach their goals.

Politics can corrupt even the best of people, and therefore one has to realize that mixing religion into the already bad traits can only make things even worse. People can disagree on much in politics, and once they also disagree on religious issues, you get real gasoline with the potential to burn like jet fuel.

Is it any wonder then that people who mix both and add mind-control end up with lots of crazy ideas similar to what we can see with current US President Donald J Trump?

Mixing politics and religion is a dangerous cocktail, and once you see this happen, run as fast as possible away from anyone backing this type of confusion. It will confuse people like nothing else will. Human beings should be able to dwell positively with one another, and that requires morals, not religion of any kind, if there is even the smallest elements of intolerance in whatever you want to ascribe to any all-powerful deity of whichever type.

Any thoughts or comments?

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