Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prophecy Speculations - 101

When Ronald D Kelly gave the sermon "Fun With Prophecy" it caused quite a stir in WCG circles. Even in splinters this sermon was mentioned, and in many ways the irony of its withdrawal is even more hard-hitting for thus still caught up in the mind-control of Armstrongism. The founder, Herbert W Armstrong, died EXACTLY a quarter of a century ago - and his writings are srill considered with the same reverence as we see among Seventh Day Adventists towards Ellen G White.

When Ron focused on airports named Dillon, 19 year time cycles, the number 666 (which should have been 616) and many other theoretic coincidences, he hit one important nail of Armstrongism spot on. It was indeed all pure speculation based in part, as any fallacy must to ensure it is at least a small bit credible, on some well-known elements of scripture. The dangerous part of Armstrongism is the cultic element of isolating people in a "us vs them" mindset, coupled with the idea that whatever others write is just a deceived viewpoint supposed to somehow trick people away from "revealed truth"

Once that type of reasoning is accepted you can convince people of anything - as we have seen ever since the Radio Church of God was established.

The even more dangerous part is when you still see people so taken in about the doctrines of Armstrongism that they will abandon all reasonable thought processes just to be in the group of "wise faithfuls"

It has been some turbulent events taking place through the years, but I am sure we will see as many strange events taking place during the next decades as new speculations come about wuth each their own cobspiracy twist about how evil so and so us. What a strange mindset indeed...


  1. But... but... Herbert Armstrong plagiarized from E.G.White through Dugger and Dodd!

    His dysfunctional daft dystopia distorted perception was simply borrowed and rebranded.

    We need to give credit where credit isn't due.

    No wait! That's what we're doing. Or is it?

  2. Interesting stuff.

    I am a recovering Armstrongite working on a book exploring the twisted theology that has sifted down into the offshoot groups since A-WCG days. My work is more directed at the younger generation that never heard of HWA.
    A warning of what is wrong and why before they become indoctrinated like I was for 45 years.

    Please visit The True Doctrine of Christ Foundation Blog at:

    Would love your comments.

    Michael Maynard

  3. I think your blog is valuable for identifying the errors of Armstrongism, so I'm definitely going to take a read. It looks good and there's lots of excellent articles.
    Truly appreciated you shared your thoughts, Michael, and keep comin' back. :-)