Sunday, January 16, 2011

David C Pack - Few Followers Indeed

It is somewhat ironic to watch David C Pack on Twitter. This minister believes himself to be a godsend to mankind, yet only 73 people are willing to read his tweets. People who have read this blog regularly will no doubt have checked up on his attitude towards the internet.

He deeply hates freedom of speech - especially when anyone dares challenge his veteran opinions. It is highly offensive, according to "Should Accusers Be Answered", that anyone would question him. He really feels inspired to a level that anything which contradicts him must be rebellion towards God.

When heading a group he claims is growing, the numbers speak clearly about how inflated his ego must be. I warmly recommend checking up on him before you ever get involved with his group, the Restored Church of God.


  1. David Pack needs a new series: "What do mean, what do you mean?".

  2. Great idea, Doug!
    Then Flurry can steal his material and come out with "The Plain Truth About What Do You Mean"

  3. Numbers have climbed to 106 people following him on Twitter. Just for the record. :-)

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  5. If David Pack is against blogging except by "professionals" (as RCG wrote a few years ago), why is he using Twitter?

    Isn't that like a micro-blog?

    Is there an "H-word" waiting to be declared here?