Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Confusion Among Date-Setters

We are all more than familiar with date-setting in Armstrongite circles. We all experienced wild fantasies about timelines that could confuse anyone when you added and subtracted various numbers based on lots of fun with prophecy - something Ronald D Kelly was scolded for pointing our when he gave his famous sermon with that exact title: Fun With Prophecy.

Well, two types of speculation. First of all, Noah's wife's name is partly answered in an article I found online, which can be read here:

We all know, ministers of Armstrongism speculated along the lines of the famous 6K years before the return of Jesus. What no one I have heard of ever thought of was whether time was reset at the time of the flood, which could bring us well into the years 36xx according to one timeline.

I think it's such great fun to see how people react once they begin speculating. If time was reset, and there was at least some 1,600+ years to go, who would then ever remember such a charlatan as Herbert Armstrong when that would then be almost two millenia back?

The purpose of this article. Nothing whatsoever, except to send warm greetings to all readers, encouraging you, as always, to write a comment if you feel like it. If not, then I hope you are enjoying life wherever you are.

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