Friday, October 11, 2013

Gerald Flurry Wants Answers...

In the August edition of The Philadelphia Trumpet, Gerald Six-pack Flurry wants answers to scandals in politics. Fair enough. The membership in his church probably also want answers to the question of why lawlessness is only pointed out 'outside' the church, whereas the sins of the pastor-general Flurry go unnoticed.

I am of course, thinking of Gerald Flurry's driving under the influence of alcohol case. You can check more out about this through this link, and you can do your own Google or Bing search also.

The closest reference he ever made was mentioning he hadn't consumed any alcohol for a number of years. But where was the official apology? Where was the willingness to acknowledge personal repentance?

Oh yes, that is only reserved for laymen. Leadership in Armstrongism can apparently do as they please. They consider themselves above the law, thus rendering the very term lawlessness invalid if you subscribe to that type of logic....

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