Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Various Perspectives on Bible Translations

When it comes to Bible translations there are various perspectives. Some treat it almost as doctrine that you should use either the King James Version from the 16th century, or the New King James version published in 1982 by Nelson Publishers. In the WCG there was a translation calling for the Moffatt translation. It was used by founder, Herbert Armstrong, and therefore considered almost anathema to call it just a paraphrase.

Nonetheless, and this will come as a shock to some Armstrongites, the Moffatt translation WAS a paraphrase - just as is the New International Version or the Good News Bible traditionally distributed by bible companies all over the globe.

What translation should you use today?

Use the one you feel is easiest to read, and use a concordance for deeper studies along with reference works, a Bible dictionary etc. Don't let others decide what you like best. Studying the Word of God should be pleasurable and easy to read - not a question of what level of reader you are.

So start thinking for yourself, and make your own choices. Choosing YOUR preferred translation is the first step in that positive direction. :-)

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