Sunday, March 20, 2011

Positive Beginnings

It is often claimed, by ministers with Armstrongism at the core of their doctrinal expositions, that anti-Armstrongism sites are governed by negative mindsets. Nothing could be further from the truth, and in this article you will learn why this is not so.

When you have left the straight-jacket that Armstrongism IS, you will experience real freedom. God is not condemning people for THINKING for themselves. In fact, the ability to think outside the box was a tradition of the learned. Ask any Jew what the Bible is all about, and he will tell you that the oral law is filled with discussions where various doctrinal positions are freely debated. Noone condemns one another for asking questions. Au contraire, it is actually ENCOURAGED that you DO ask questions.

Thinking you have all the answers IS part of a self-satisfied mindset. Daring to consider even the unthinkable helps us understand what we are reading much better than just digesting things simply because a ministry claims THEY are inspired.

Who is it that CLAIMS inspiration? Is it not the ministers, indeed, who claim that anyone who disagrees is either "confused" or "negative" when in fact focus should have been on actually ANSWERING the subject at hand?

I think you will all agree that thinking for ourselves is the BIGGEST and BEST sign of positive development - especially once you have recovered from a mindset that DIVIDES people as cults always do. The "us" versus "them" mentality is in no way what God intended. He CREATED us. Not for war and disagreements, but for inspiration and mutual helping of one another. This should be the focus of any believer - regardless of whether we always disagree on everything.

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