Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spanky seeking new markets?

Have you ever wondered what Spanky would want to do with swahili, russian, hindi, hebrew, chinese and arabic versions of his website?

Don't just believe me - believe their footer on their website.

Footer from the Spanky website

The funny part is that it seems much of it has been machine translated. "Our annual meeting of worship" should have read Feast of Tabernacles - and if they had contacted Victor Kubik from the United Church of God, he could probably have advised them of a better translator.

This is rather funny, actually, because much of the history of the Armstrongite movement has been centered around people being members (through baptism by immersion) before they could perform translations... One has to wonder what swahili and indian members they would have to perform that task.

But, anyway, Spanky is looking for new markets for his brand of Armstrongism. One has to wonder why they hide it at the bottom of their website instead of having flags as they have with the other main languages in the left hand menu... :-)


  1. In your previous post you criticised those who were in your mind, "practicing active censorship".
    But you do yourself! You really only want sychophants, don't you. I repeat, 'yawn'

  2. Dear courageous anonymous

    When "yawn" was a pretty spammy comment, I couldn't really see the point of your comment.

    I still can't. If you dislike the news you get from my blog, you are very welcome to look elsewhere.

    I try to present information on a variety of topics relating to Armstrongism, and some articles are lengthier than others. But I hardly feel it is fair in any way to express a yawn at people making an effort to inform about Armstrongism.

    But each to their own tastes and likings. :-)