Friday, September 24, 2010

The Right Perspective

In october I will be releasing a series of articles that originally appeared in Danish in the anti-cult magazine EtSectEra that was published by cult experts Britt and Cyril Malka. A special issue was released about Armstrongism, and I believe it would be useful for English readers to read both the interviews and other things relating to the WorldWide Church of God.

Some of the material will already be known by those who have read the Ambassador Report, and subsequent Ambassador Watch - but there might be new material for those just coming out of the cult, or any of the splinters.

I considered releasing this as an e-book but I don't want to put a price on the product, fully realizing many wouldn't be willing to pay even a few dollars to get this content. Many feel so betrayed by religion that free material is the way to go.

But great thanks go to both Britt and Cyril for their insistence that I shouldn't pay anything for spreading this - and that deserves big praise. This loving couple has sacrificed decades helping others get information about cults.

But I have also considered whether there should be a possibility for future authors to get a hold of information they need to print new books about cults focusing on the many splinters: Philadelphia Church of God - Living Church of God - United Church of God - Restored Church of God and all the many other splinter groups.

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